The Word of the Day: Gretna Green

Gretna Green • \gret-nuh-GREEN\ • noun : a place where many eloping couples are married Example Sentence: It’s a good thing I left my hometown few years ago and concentrate on my career. My hometown had its reputation as the Gretna Green (well, all towns are). It was the time when people became so bored with their lives and the…

The Word of the Day: Apotheosis

apotheosis • \uh-pah-thee-OH-sis\ • noun 1 : elevation to divine status : deification 2 : the perfect example : quintessence Example Sentence: There are few days and COC’s left, the new President of the Philippines will be announced and be put to its apotheosis of political slavery aftermath.

The Word of the Day: Brainiac

brainiac • \BRAY-nee-ak\ • noun : a very intelligent person Example Sentence: How I wish I’ll be a brainiac on techie things, so I won’t feel damn on creating my website. If you think you are a brainiac, go fight Superman instead, smart-ass!