niche-blogIf you’re only starting to create your own blog or still on the process of deciding whether you’re going to do this or not, you probably heard a lot about niche, niche and niche. It might sound irritating sometimes because most likely you knew what you want to write or achieve by doing this.

Honestly, choosing the blog niche or blog focus is the EASIEST thing you, as blogger, will do in the entire course. However, upholding to your niche is the TOUGHEST. Why? Let’s say you’ve decided to focus on ‘Movies’ – if you’re really a movie enthusiast and can think and write about movies all-day-and-night long, everything about reviews, trailers, old and new, then YOU GOT LUCKY. But, sometimes you need to get out of the box and talk about other things; how awful the food you ate on your last night’s dinner, how amazing your theme park experience was or how you like Taylor Swift’s latest single. These aren’t talk about Movies but random Musings you wanna share because they are worth sharing.

There are three main considerations in choosing your own blog niche:

1)      Are you seriously interested on the topic? Are you whole-heartedly engrossed to talk about it? Perhaps, you’ve learned based from personal experience or through your friends. Do you frequently babble that your friends find you like a lunatic who constantly think about your blog and your blog topic? I’m perfectly talking about myself.

2)      Is your topic popular? Are you those Twitter Trending addicts that can talk about all the topics as often as they change? Do you use Google Trends as well? If that’s the case, man, you are on a right track. You will sweep the blogging world big time.

3)      Are you really really serious about this? Are you foreseeing your website/blog on top of Google Page? Do you believe that you will be the next John Chow, Darren Rowse or Ryan Seacrest? Are you ready to blend in the blogging world? Then, you’re at your head start after reading this blog post.